Our Favourite Sites ~

JAAD GOLDEN RETRIEVERS ~located in Simcoe, ON 

BREVMAC GOLDEN RETRIEVERS ~ located in the Owen Sound, ON area

REGAL GOLDENS ~ located in Caledon, ON

DUNNVILLE VETERINARY CLINIC ~ providing both traditional and alternative therapies, medicines and surgeries in Dunnville, ON

HEMOPETproviding services such as titer and thyroid testing

NIAGARA CANINE CONDITIONINGthe first and only full service rehab-only facility for pets in the Niagara Peninsula

BIG COUNTRY RAWRaw food supplier in St Ann’s ON.  This is the food we recommend for our puppies


DOG NEUTERINGinformation on the effects of neutering/spaying your dog

DOGS FIRSTholistic healing and raw feeding information.  

DOGWEBSthe best website for your kennel



DUTCH CONSOLIDATION GOLDEN RETRIEVERS Golden Retriever Breeder and the home of our Dikke Thea in the Netherlands 

THORNYWAIT GOLDEN RETRIEVERS ~ our Teddy’s breeder in England 

THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER CLUB ~ encouraging the breeding of Golden Retrievers of sound type, conformation and temperament to the Kennel Club Breed Standard.  Located in England

THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER CLUB OF SCOTLAND ~ encouraging responsible ownership and breeding of the Golden Retriever, being the Golden Retriever Breed’s country of origin 

FRIENDS OF GUISACHAN ~ A non-profit organization comprised of people interested in Golden Retriever history.  The Friends of Guisachan was created to share information about Guisachan, the ancestral home of the Golden Retriever.